We are delighted to share that our company Farwell Innovations Ltd is part of the 2022 British Chamber of Commerce in Kenya – Business Integrity Index. The Index features British and Kenyan companies committed to integrity and who meet the standards of the British Chamber of Commerce – Kenya principles-based integrity framework.

We are committed to ensuring that every person in our company who interacts with or in some way impacts our customers, provides value and makes them feel valued. We are committed to demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness in every interaction and transaction with our customers.

We recognise the challenges of the environment we operate in and how they affect the ability of any company to grow fast organically without compromising integrity. But Farwell is living proof that it can be done. Businesses can run with integrity and achieve their objectives. When ethics and integrity are present in a company, customers can count on the words being backed up with corresponding actions and behaviours.

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