We are pleased to share that the Erevuka elearning solution has increased its integrations to support live classrooms via Microsoft Teams and Google Meet in addition to Zoom. The live classrooms can also be integrated with quizzes to enable staff to take tests and earn a certificate or badge of participation from live sessions.

Reporting, analytics and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Support.

The Erevuka platform has increased the reporting and analytics capacity to ensure customers are able to get analysed course uptake reports presented in visuals, facilitate tracking of course uptake based on gender, country, counties, departments etc and see top 10 ranking of most popular courses in the company. Additionally, the reporting also includes a ranking of top 10 staff with the highest number of courses taken and completed for purposes of recognising and rewarding staff who are blazing the trail in training.

HR Managers as well as Heads of Department can now assign training modules to individual staff based on a performance improvement plan and review their progress.

Increased Soft Skills and Business Content Bank

We are pleased to have launched the following new courses in our academy:

  1. Business Succession planning
  2. Performance Management
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Work life Balance
  5. Workplace Diversity

We welcome you to get in touch with us for more information on setting up a training academy for your company, soft skill courses and digitization of your internal training content into dynamic engaging eLearning courses. Contact us via 0734223388 or 0739223388 and speak to Arnold or Angela.

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